who am i?


Ariana is:

Bold Enthusiastic Passionate

+ Multidisciplinary Designer


Love, Be Kind & Respect Others

Everyone has a story to tell about how they got into the design world. This is my story

I am a low-income Latina born and raised in Southern California, in my lovely and highly active city of Santa Ana. Art has always been part of my life. As a very socially anxious and shy child I drew on paper my curiosities and imaginative stories that my creative mind made. I drew anything that I can find in order to release the immense amount of doodles, fantastical creatures and people I have created in my mind. 

Now, I continue to draw figures and create things in order to get my creative mind going. I never really thought that I would graduate with a BFA. I was always that kid and adult who loves everything. Science, writing, researching, photography, you name it. 


Summary + Other Cool Things


As an empathetic, multidisciplinary designer interested in representing & connecting people, I take on the challenge of creating content that provokes emotion and starts a conversation. With an interest in research and strategy I am a designer who strives to give a voice to those who fight for freedom and equality.

Inspirational Studios

The reason these studios stand out to me are not just the bold, fun, extreme and empowering design they use to engage the user, but the call out to the diversity of our world. As a Latin American artist I strive to give my people as well as others the voice they need and the power to face challenges. I love the idea of helping people through design in all regards to humanity, rights, telling a brands story, and creating that voice. These studios strive to represent different cultures in aspects that engage diversity and education.

  1. IDEO

  2. Critical Mass

  3. By Futura

  4. verynice

  5. Pomp&Clout

  6. Team Hair

  7. YoursTruly

  8. 72 and Sunny

  9. Turf

  10. Upperquad

My Obsessions:

  • editorial: I can do it all, just check out my 44 page publication that I created using research, photography and typesetting.

  • research: I like writing essays and reviewing it. It is part of my learning curve in which writing helps me figure out things and draw challenges out. I know standard APA and MLA formats.

  • minimalism

  • typography: Let’s talk about my new obsession with Freight Text/Sans and how amazing Futura is. What is your favorite?

  • learning: the best aspect anyone can have. I am natural at this, you just need to find out. I am always eager to learn new things given the opportunity.

  • working: a natural workaholic since 2015. I worked two jobs in college and took 18 credits each semester since 2016. Stayed up all night to finish projects (the college life right). This helped me live, of course it kept me from opportunities of going to design workshops or what not, but I was trying to make a living for myself without giving the burden to my hardworking parents. Especially since I went to school in NY, being from CA.

  • asking the right questions: I ask the questions an art director or project manager would ask the client. Just like you I want to make sure I convey the messages in the project that I am given.

  • talking: Given that I am a shy person, I can talk. I want to talk and get to know people. Communication is key to finding and compiling information.

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