Work Ethic and Experience

As a recent graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology I strive to apply my skills and educational background to my work. At R.I.T  I had the opportunity to work in the department of Student Affairs, where I practiced effective methods for marketing and print communications. By using programs such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and photoshop I produced various marketing, print and digital work for Student Affairs and administrators.. This experience prepared me for my work at Cevians, LLC, an optimal engineering company, whose goal, at the time, was to develop concepts for their interior corporate atmosphere. At Cevians I was both graphic designer and print production manager. Along with the help of the main marketing manager I took on tasks that included and were not limited to conceptualizing large graphics using brand guidelines, vendor research and post-production development. With the combined use of digital creation and research I strive to deliver the best results. I cannot fully explain the amount of knowledge and empowerment I have to not only learn new things but also produce and excel in design. Over time, I developed the skills necessary to drive effective concepts through the use of strong communication and production skills, proving that I am suited as a Graphic Designer.

Tools I Use:

For concepts: pencil and sketchbook, a good conversation, google docs, and powerpoint to present.

For Digital: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop. In addition have proficient Adobe After Effects and Premier knowledge.