Ariana Chavez
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Here is my proof As A

Conceptual thinker & designer




I am a bold & simple graphic designer.

Not your ordinary graphic designer. My strengths are in researching, conceptualizing, visualizing and analyzing the unique ways people interact with designs. My work is simple, yet dynamic and bold. I like to make statements and create for action.

My passion to find the best possible solution comes from my ability to effectively communicate and understand the goals of those I work with. I ask detailed questions in order to start my research and draw conclusions on design styles and typographic choices that will help deliver a strong message.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
— Albert Einstein

Everyone has a story to tell about how they got into the design world. This is my story and the work I have created.


What I am good at




The best combination of effective layout, grids and research is that of editorials. Over the years I have been bewildered by the abilities to write on certain topics while demonstrating effective design and typography choices as magazines, short essays or articles.

An Example of this is

my senior project

from college: Cambio




Creating the autmosphere for the story to unfold.


Branding, is a unique way to tell the story of a product through design, visuals and media.

In order to provide clients with effective branding such as logos, monograms, and visuals I first discover the underlining message and the audience they wish to send messages to. I deliver suggestions based on their visions then attach latest design trends and aspects that would make the brand more unique.


Letters From Women - Branding Project

Based on the Latin American organization “Cartas de Mujeres”, I expanded branding to send the message of the organization to women in the United States.

Click on image to see project


UI Design


Fuse music

An app created as a reaction to Spotify and pandora radio when they first came out. I focused on manipulating the way Spotify is organized with the organization that Pandora uses. Recently, Spotify added the “remove from playlist” feature, however have not found away to keep data current in loading playlists. Out of the users I asked about Spotify, the con is having playlists not listened to in months be the first that come up when searching, so Fuse hypothetically would refresh data to give you the music you listen the most in the Library.

More about Fuse