The Work That I Am Proud Of

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Research & Design

Cambio as an example of my editorial and written skills


A design manifesto

Show-cases research and my simple design approach.


unbound magazine

A case study of graffiti as a form of freedom of speech and creative expression


my designs are

Dynamic & Research Based


Linked below are other projects I have done.


Other Work

These project pages show other work that I have done that adheres to branding, layout and grid structures, and typography.

Ariana’s June Report

Branding the Society of Women Engineers

Tigers Care Branding

rough Editing

I Love Type.gif

I love type..

I can talk about type, its power & usage for hours :0

I also enjoy taking photos: Captured are from San Francisco, Tlaquepaque (GDL, Mexico), and Rochester (NY). People are my family members.


Top: Shows not just colorful I can be, but that I know how to use other mediums.