Unbound Magazine

Unbounded from reality, seeping into the comfort of artistry.


The process

The following images are to show the printing process, which requires documents to be set up with crop marks, file name, color bars and other marks to make sure that the graphics and content are within the space for print.

Rough Draft of Magazine (seen below) is linked here

Though the years have gone by since I created Unbound, I have taken notice to the new trends of minimalism and photography, typography and graphics that help support content. In an effort to revise, apply and discover new trends I have revamped Unbound.

The 2019 version, takes direction at using typography and call out quotes as a way to drive the reader through the content, without the bulkness of unnecessary shapes.


The flow of the magazine is better seen without the power of bulk shapes and colors. Rectangular shapes are used to frame relevant photos and add a graphic element to the page.

However, this is only the first stage. There are more revisions coming.

The magazine’s newest version can be found here:


in context marketing

327736 Long billboard in metro.png

Possible Merchandising: Bags to promote and bring attention to the work of the magazine.