The Report

Have you heard of Feltron? If not I recommend clicking the link.

He used to work at Facebook and came up with this awesome project in which he took five subjects in life and tracked them down for a month to a year. In result he created beautiful reports using infographics and thematics. For my Information Design class, we had to track down five things which where input, output, emotion, time and something completely random such as chewing gum. During the duration of the project I challenged myself to pursue minimalism and used typography and color to create a report that was unique. I wanted to show the differences in layout however be consistent with the use of typography and small graphic elements. What I most like about this project and the result of it, was to use color in a different way in addition to use typographic formats that reflected each page and topic, prompting the audience to question it but also establishing the hidden connection between aesthetics and elemental consistency. 

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These are the indicators I slected to track.