There is always a reason why people seek asylum in a different country. One reason why Latin Americans migrate to the U.S. is for Cambio. They seek a better life, economic stability, shelter and safety.


Fascinated by the power of writing, graphics and sociology I decided to explore the concept of using design as a device to drive emotional decisions on certain topics. I choose to focus on controversial topics and reasons why people come to the United States. In recent years, Immigration has been a topic of political and social controversy. Disturbed by the ways immigrants are treated at the border, I decided to research and create a booklet that would help build transparency and understanding. The motive behind the Camdio is due to the fact that I never really understood or knew the exact reasons why my parents came to the US or how it went about.


the problem

In the United States, immigration has become a topic of political and social controversy. Inaccurate representations of people migrating to the United States has lead to racial profiling and the current humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

The solution

Magazines, newspapers and other materials are available anywhere at any given time and are easy to take away. Because magazines are easily accessible I decided to create a magazine dedicated to depict the hardships of peoples living in areas impacted by violence, financial crisis, and lack of resources. This magazine will then be showing reasons why impacted people choose to cross the US-Mexico Border.

Chosen Topics

To create this 44 page booklet, I researched the social constructs in Mexico that gives people a reason to flee their homes and migrate to the United States. I choose Mexico, because it is the place and the culture I grew up with. In addition, it helps also create an opening into what other Latin American countries suffer through.

Within the booklet I focus on four main social constructs or triggers that lead people to leave Mexico:

  1. Poverty

  2. Media Censorship

  3. The Drug War

  4. Political Violence

Made with love & Research


Marketing & Deliverables

Created a 44 page magazine filled with relevant information, a series of post cards that come with the booklet and posters.